Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thinking Outside the Box

Think outside the box this holiday season. Instead of shopping at "big box" or national chain stores, shop instead at your local neighborhood stores. You'll find your neighborhood "mom-n-pop" shops have most everything you need for your holiday gift-giving and home decorating.

And you're much more likely to discover some unexpected wonder or unique handmade treasure at a locally-owned shop.

Shopping at locally-owned independent shops also helps strengthen the local economy. Did you know that:
  • A locally-owned shop returns 68% of its revenues to the local economy, whereas a national chain returns only 43%?
  • Locally-owned shops employ more local residents and pay them substantially higher wages, in addition to having a broader range of jobs available?
  • Local businesses buy more than twice as much from other local businesses, and also are more likely to use local banks and other service providers?
  • Local businesses contribute more to the community through charitable giving, school funding, and other non-profit organizations?
Every dollar spent in a locally-owned shop is a vote for the health and welfare of your community and supports your neighbors in their livelihoods. This holiday season, think "outside the box" and support your locally-owned stores. Your neighbors thank you!