Friday, January 22, 2021

Can You Say “Quadranscentennial?”


Harmony Moon is jubilantly celebrating our Silver Jubilee.  Yes, that’s right, we’re turning 25!  That’s a quarter-of-a-century years old.

And what a ride it’s been!  In 25 years, we’ve been through many changes, overcome many challenges, and survived to tell the tale.

And through it all, you - our most lovely and loyal customers, patrons, and friends - have been there with us and for us.  Your support has made it all worthwhile.  Every day we can serve you is a blessing and a joy.

In gratitude,


Thursday, January 7, 2021



Wow. Just wow. 

Looking back on 2020, we saw many trials and tribulations, fear and uncertainty, moments of despair, and moments of amazement and joy too.

Most of our moments of joy came from you, our wonderful, dear patrons, supporters, and friends. 

We feel blessed, not only to have made it through a difficult year but also to be part of a community that is resilient, supportive, and strong.  We are stronger together and this last wild year has proved it.  We are so grateful for your continued loyalty and encouragement. 

 Harmony Moon is celebrating 25 years this year!  And, quite frankly, we're not quite sure what 2021 will bring.  We know we will need to continue to be flexible, to continue to expand our online store, to perhaps offer more online classes and workshops as we know we will not be able to re-open our in-store classroom anytime soon.  

We also know we will continue to offer the same quality handmade goods that you have come to love, to continue to support our fair trade and American artisans as we always have, to support community charities, non-profits, and our beloved arts institutions as much as we can.

We are so proud of our Harmony Moon community!  Each day that we are open to serve you is a blessing and a joy for us.  Thank you.