This web journal was started in October, 2008, when news headlines were anxiously chronicling the bursting of the housing market bubble, the crash of the financial sector, and the global economic crisis. It seemed like a good time to talk about issues that have been important to me for the last several years, at least since the World Trade Center disaster in September, 2001, when, for a lot of people, the immediate reaction (after the initial shock and horror) was to re-think one's priorites and re-focus on home and family.

So, this then, is my small contribution towards building a better world. I believe that the essence of "living harmoniously" is simple living, mindful living, and green living-- getting back to priorities, simplifying your life, being happy with what you've got, and re-connecting with nature.

How, then, do we re-prioritize, re-focus, re-acquaint? Simplify, pacify, restore, and re-energize? Calm down and de-stress? Un-busy ourselves. It's not so much the gaining control over life as the letting go of needing control.

I hope in this blog just to present some ideas, not necessarily to come to any definite conclusions, about re-prioritizing, de-stressing and un-busying, learning how to nurture ourselves as well as the people we care for, re-connecting with community and nature. Ultimately, learning how to live in peace and harmony.

Welcome to Harmonious Living.