Friday, September 10, 2021


And, so, here we are again.  After celebrating the International Day of Peace (September 21) every year for 20+ years, this will be the second year in a row that Harmony Moon will NOT have an in-store celebration.  COVID cases are still surging and the CDC considers the Staunton micropolitan to be an area at  "Substantially High" risk for transmission. 

Out of an abundance of caution, we have made the difficult decision to NOT re-open our community room for in-store events and workshops.  We are also still requiring that everyone - whether vaccinated or not - wear masks when entering the shop.

And in spite of all the craziness in the world, the anger and divisiveness all across the spectrum, we still believe in the goodness of humanity.   So, in lieu of our Peace Day celebration, we are calling for September 21 to be a day to "Check Your Compassion."   Please join us in working to spread more compassion in the world:

  • compassion for all those suffering from the ongoing horrors of COVID19
  • compassion for the families, first responders, and survivors as we commemorate the 20th anniversary of Sept. 11
  • compassion for the victims of war and violence
  • compassion for those among us who are food- or home- insecure
  • compassion for those who may be forced to make hard decisions from a space of deep emotional pain
  • compassion for those who have lost their homes and lives due to natural disasters and global warming
  • compassion for yourself, that you too may know peace